Interest Rates and Fees

For details of our interest rates and fees please refer to the Pioneer Finance website using the link below:

Pioneer Finance Interest rates and Fees

Repossession Warning Notice

$30.00 Added to the unpaid balance when we issue a repossession warning notice.

Seizure Warrant

$60.00 Added to the unpaid balance for preparing repossession documents & instructing agent.

Issue of Property Law Act Notice

$150.00 Added to the unpaid balance after we issue a default notice in accordance with Property Law Act 2007.

Other Third-Party Charges

The costs to us of Court or Disputes Tribunal proceedings and repossession and sale of collateral and the sale of the mortgaged land.  These include filing fees actual solicitors fees and disbursements (assessed on a solicitor client basis) and debt collection agency commissions, fees and disbursements.  Additionally, you must pay us the costs and disbursements of repossession agents, valuers, real estate agents, auctioneers, process servers, solicitors and any of our agents in enforcing this agreement.  You must also pay the cost of any dealings (we have while you are in default) with other persons with respect to the debt or any security you (may) provide.  In addition, you must pay the cost of doing anything which you have failed to do and which we have done.  You must also pay for the costs expenses and other liabilities listed in paragraph 4 of the Terms and Conditions arising out of your default. Representative Example of Loan Here is an example of a $10,000 loan paid off over 36 months.

Loan Amount $10,000
Establishment Fee $445
Interest $2,977.82
Total Repayments $13,818.82
Interest Rate $16.95%

How can you avoid paying the late fees/default charges?

Ensure that there are enough funds in your account before the Direct Debit is scheduled. If you are unable to make a payment due to a change in your circumstances, please contact Pioneer Finance on 0800 000 724.

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